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Wow, you did an amazing job. Every shot was beautiful and breathtaking. We def. are recommending you to everyone. Thank you so much.

Brian Tompkins

I am going to cry right now… that is AMAZING! Better than I could have ever expected… I cannot believe it. I am like a proud mom of all my teams and walkers right now. I cannot thank you enough… simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

Marla Sadler

Professional service, Great Price… One stop for both photography and videography. Both Jim and his son James were very professional and deserve a great deal of credit. They showed up an hour early and even stayed later than originally planned to finish the job at your not so typical wedding. They were able to adapt and capture great moments without us even noticing. The video editing is superb with a picture quality that I can’t rate at less then 110%. Also the photos and the poses that Jim specified for us provided for stunning photos that friends and family envy. Without a doubt, these are the guys I would and will recommend to family and friends with weddings or social events. Thank you Eclipse Imaging!!!

Sherif & Sherien

James Boemmels of Eclipse Imaging is not just a talented professional videographer and editor, he is a visual artist who uses his appreciation of people, environment, and interaction between both to produce a video that that reflects the nexus of human nature.

Dr. Casey Jordan

Jim and James did a fantastic job documenting the major events at our wedding! The aerial shots were the perfect addition to our video and the pictures came out beautifully. We could not have been happier!!


We hired Eclipse to video our wedding. The package price was reasonable (based on the actual description of services) and the final production was nicely done. It was put together nicely and was creative. They did provide us with the raw footage for an additional cost, which was awesome. We plan to create our own montage.


Dear James,

I’m sorry not to have written sooner.  We were pretty busy at the ‘second’ wedding and didn’t have particularly good wifi service. The vignette was an enormous success–thanks to you and your editor for doing it so quickly.  It really made a great deal of difference to Fuerza’s family to be able to see them take the vows.  Philip and I thought that both the vignette and the full video were done very well indeed. I’m sorry that the whole thing was a bit rushed and tricky, since none of the principals was in the New Haven area very much before the day and then we needed the video right away.  I much appreciated your willingness to work with us under these somewhat trying circumstances.
All the best,
Patricia Kitcher

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